Registration Policy :

  • Registration is only possible via the ISAMUN website, ISAMUN is not responsible to provide any confirmation of registration from any other source.
  • All registration fees are 100% non-refundable.
  • Registration is open for both accommodation (Limited Spaces) and non-accommodation.
  • Delegate’s needs to pay full fees, before the registration department confirms their space.
  • International South African Model United Nations, ISAMUN has no policy of installment fees or payments on arrival.
  • Once the registration fees paid, delegatess need to send the confirmation of payment to [email protected], the registration team will within 24hrs respond to delegates.
  • Your registration will be confirmed on a first come, first serve basis,  after the registration deadline, no confirmation will be issued.

Country Allocations :

  • Delegates are required to provide committee and country preferences, allocations will be made based on the availability of thereof.
  • It must be noted that ISAMUN reserves the rights to allocate a country and council as per their discretion; this will remain unchanged unless there arise circumstances beyond their control.

Visa :

  • Once the registration confirms, the conference will provide the letter of invitation upon request.
  • ISAMUN is not responsible to guarantee or to grant 100% visa, neither any refusals, it is the responsibility of the candidates to prepare all the necessary documents before submitting visa applications.
  • Should delegates/delegations fail to secure a visa, no refund will be payable.